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As Seen On TV: ITV Cheltenham Horse Racing

We’ve recently been informed that a screen grab of some thermal footage we’ve been shooting for ITV Cheltenham Horse Racing has gone viral, although perhaps not for the right reasons! "ITV have taken the technological aspect of their racing coverage to a new level this week with an infra-red camera in the parade ring [...]

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iRed Enter Into An Exciting Collaboration With Texo DSI

The following is an extract from the Texo DSI blog: This collaboration will see Texo DSI Ltd work alongside and in conjunction with iRed Thermography, an industry leader in thermographic surveys and analysis. This extensive development program will focus on all aspects and associated applications of UAV Thermal Inspection and survey. Industry recognised and [...]

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iRed Supports Physics Students At Portsmouth University

For the past 4 years we have been supporting the University of Portsmouth's second year applied physics students by providing lectures on thermography - discussing its benefits and applications - along with training and work experience opportunities. Dr Hooshyar Assadullahi - Senior Lecturer, Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, University of [...]

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iRed to Present at the Green Register’s Bite-Size Sessions

Back by popular demand, the Bite-Size Session titled: “Where's the Gap? A critical look at how thermography can identify the thermal performance between ‘As Designed’ & ‘As Built’ in Sustainable Buildings”, is to be held in Manchester on the 23rd February 2017. The session will explain the fundamental workings of thermal imaging, with a [...]

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Announcing the launch of our new aerial inspection services!

With over 40 years combined experience with remote piloting and commercial flying, incorporating the use of UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems – Drones) into our operations was an obvious development for the team here at iRed. Since early 2012, we’ve been testing and developing aerial technologies in order to produce a comprehensive and efficient inspection [...]

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FLIR Announce New 1MP Thermal Imaging Camera

On September 8th, FLIR launched their latest thermal imaging camera featuring a 1MP detector providing a resolution of 1024x768. This is FLIR's first uncooled micro bolometer camera with a detector of this size, which is most likely a direct response to Fluke's HD IR Camera (re-branded VarioCAM HD). Whilst it's not true high definition, [...]

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