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Infrared Camera Calibration

Expert thermal imaging camera calibration for accurate temperature measurement and full traceability.

Without proper calibration, accurate temperature measurements from infrared cameras can’t be assured. Like most measurement equipment, manufacturers suggest that thermal imaging cameras are serviced with a calibration check annually. This calibration should include a chain of traceability back to national standards – ensuring your equipment meets any and all regulatory requirements.

Prices starting from £125 + VAT*

*Prices vary depending on number of cameras, lenses and general requirements.
Discounts available for ex-delegates and iRed affiliates.

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In most cases – at an additional fee – we can also offer:

  • Complete operational checks
  • Upgrading of internal camera firmware (may exclude certain cameras)
  • Minor repairs/adjustments if required (may exclude certain cameras)

For delivery/collection options or general questions, feel free to contact our calibration team on 01243 370 296 or email