Multispectral Imaging Surveys

Specialist multispectral inspections for precision agriculture

Our multispectral sensors and specialist purpose-built drones can be used for precision agriculture to maximise crop yields.

About Multispectral Imaging

Multispectral imaging is one of the most effective tools for undertaking precision agriculture. We utilise drone-enabled technologies to provide in-depth scouting for farmland. This enables us to quickly inspect crops at regular intervals and monitor factors such as crop health, water density, diseased areas and root structure.

When coupling this data with Normalized Difference Vegetative Index (NDVI) and other post imaging techniques, we can then differentiate areas of interest to farmers in order to provide preventative measures for a more targeted, economical and environmentally friendly solution. Areas of interest can include pest infested areas, population estimations, yield estimations and the efficiency of irrigation systems.

Archaeological Mapping

Multispectral imaging can also be used to create terrain mosaics for archaeological sites. Soil variability caused by buried structures will often affect plant growth, which is visible to a multispectral sensor.

Boundary Mapping

Our sensors can be used to map boundaries and provide evidence for land ownership disputes.

What can multispectral imaging detect?

Multispectral Imagery Drone

Analyse Crop Health

Healthy crops reflect more green in the near-infrared wavelength after NDVI processing, making them easier to identify.

Multispectral Imagery Drone 6

Identify Pests & Weeds

Capturing calibrated data allows for the creation of comprehensive indexes, which can be used to identify pests and weed infestations.

Multispectral Imagery Drone 3

Monitor Irrigation

Capturing multispectral data on different bands allows us to identify moisture, useful for monitoring irrigation.

Multispectral Imagery Drone 5

Assess Soil Fertility

Multispectral imaging enables farmers to assess soil fertility, indicating areas of concern and maximising yield.

Multispectral Imagery Drone 2

Optimise Crop Yield

Using collected data, we can provide expert analysis to provide advice and recommendations to increase crop yield.

Multispectral Imagery Drone 4 1

Determine Crop Density

The high-resolution data we collect on-site allows for accurate assessments of crop density (leaf coverage).

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Our team of accredited engineers has over 50 years of combined experience with remote sensing inspections and more than 40 years of experience with remote piloting and commercial flying. Combing our skills with the latest sensors enables us to process hundreds of hectares a day at a resolution that’s 500 greater than satellite imagery. We can even provide sensory data down to individual leaves.

Multispectral surveys allow for the treatment of targetted areas quickly and efficiencly, increasing yields for farmers and decreasing costs.

The inspection and visualization of agricultural areas also allows for the immediate identification of anomalies such as weeds, and can be also be used to track livestock and map land.

We have permission from the Civil Aviation Authority (ID No. 2082) to operate drones commercially. This means that we abide by any laws and recommendations set out by current UK legislation.

Our commitment to quality ensures that we conduct all of our surveys professionally, safely and in compliance with UK Air Law.

All of our pilots are fully qualified and experienced to fly under a wide variety of conditions.

To capture accurate multispectral data, our surveys usually start 2 hours before solar noon (when the sun is at its highest point for the day) and end 2 hours after. This enables us to collect accurate radiometric data, which is key for more advanced methods of processing such as Chlorophyll and NDRE indexes.

Additionally, multispectral surveys require environmental conditions to feature either clear skies or a consistent overcast (no shadowing). Once these conditions have been met, our operators are capable of surveying up to 350 hectares a day.


Multispectral Imaging for Precision Agriculture

Our Equipment

We only use the latest aerial technologies for undertaking precision agriculture. Our sensor of choice is the RedEdge-M, a powerful multispectral camera capable of capturing five narrow spectral bands during flight. The camera has been designed to operate in temperatures of up to 50ºC, and has been expertly calibrated for precise, repeatable measurements.

In the air, we operate a DJI Matrice 210 aerial platform with a custom-mount integration. For larger areas we have a range of purpose-built platforms, including fixed-wing aircraft, to ensure that we can survey any location, no matter the size.

Pix4D Processing

We use Pix4D Photogrammetry software to capture and analyze data from the field. This allows us to visualize data, using index maps such as NDVI and NDRE, to assess crops and monitor health.

Langmead Group

Langmead Group

We work closely with the agronomists at Langmead Group to pioneer new techniques and practices for industry.

Our research and development into multispectral sensors and surveying has enabled us to create a sustainable work-flow, capable of assessing Vineyards, Arable and High-Value Crops.

We’re Fully Accredited

Our thermographers are fully accredited to provide surveys, and our team is committed to delivering the highest standard throughout all of our services.

Certified Thermal Imaging Providers 2

We operate with £5m Public Liability and £1m Professional Indemnity insurance.

iRed Remote Sensing Testimonial 01

“iRed’s professionalism is apparent in both their approach to the client on site and to the report production aspect which is delivered in an easy to understand and visually pleasing format.”

A. Caulk, SSE
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“iRed have proved themselves to be very flexible in fitting in with our policies and procedures, the engineers have been very efficient and I have been impressed with the final presentation of the results.”

Paul Harding, NHS
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“As a business, iRed have proved their worth time and time again. The professionalism of the office staff, united with engineer know-how of thermographic engineers is a formidable team.”

Trevor May, EMCOR Rail
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“We have had excellent service and support from iRed this year, and look forward to using your services again next year.”

Phil Clements, UK Docks

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