Can anyone do a thermal imaging survey?

Jack2018-09-26T13:47:53+01:00September, 2018|Services|

No - whilst anyone can pick up a thermal imaging camera, only a qualified engineer will be able to process and interpret the data to a standard in which reliable information can be determined. We’ve had clients that have replaced entire walls and structures based on the misinterpretation of imagery from an unqualified engineer, [...]

What is thermography?

Jack2018-09-26T13:47:46+01:00September, 2017|Services|

Thermography (otherwise known as “Thermal Imaging”) is a specialist technique which uses infrared-sensitive cameras to inspect buildings, electrical equipment, rotating machinery and devices to detect faults or problematic areas, as part of routine maintenance or fault-finding. This non-invasive method allows the identification - both in terms of location and severity - of problems associated with [...]

How does thermal imaging work?

Jack2018-09-26T13:47:50+01:00September, 2017|Services|

Rather than using a CMOS or CCD detector which records different levels of a range of visible light colours, a thermal imaging camera uses a microbolometer array to accurately measure levels of infrared radiation across a scene. This temperature data is then processed to produce a thermal image (known as “thermogram”), which can then be [...]

Are there any requirements for a thermal imaging survey?

Jack2018-09-25T11:06:46+01:00January, 2017|Services|

It is recommended that certain conditions are met to ensure any outcomes within our reports are fully accurate and actionable. To ‘see’ heat loss (or gain) at least a 10°C temperature difference between the inside and outside must be achieved for a minimum of 24 hours prior to the survey if occupied, or 72 hours [...]

What can I expect from a thermographic survey?

Jack2017-01-27T14:37:52+01:00January, 2017|Services|

Upon completetion of a thermographic survey, clients will recieve a precise and detailed report featuring comments and advice from experienced and highly qualified thermographers. We only allow level 2 or above thermographers to produce our reports, ensuring your report is as comprehensive as possible. We're then available to help, explain and troubleshoot your new thermal [...]

Are you certified/accredited?

Jack2017-01-27T14:29:08+01:00January, 2017|Services|

Absolutely! All of our thermographers are level 1/2/3 certified. We are also a CHAS accredited contractor, registered Constructionline supplier, UKTA approved to conduct BREEAM thermographic surveys, BINDT approved training centre and ISO 9001:2008 registered. To see a full list of our accreditations, please click here.

Is thermal imaging dangerous?

Jack2017-09-07T15:03:18+01:00September, 2016|Services|

No, it's totally harmless! Everything gives off infrared radiation, and thermal imaging cameras merely detect this existing radiation (rather than emit anything).