Expand your business with iRed

We’re always looking to establish new partnerships in industry.

Whether you work for a leading brand or a small business owner, a partnership with us can help benefit your organisation and enable you to offer thermal imaging and remote sensing as a service. We value long-term partnerships that can help promote the field of remote sensing and encourage best-practice in industry.

Partnership Opportunities

Partnering with iRed allows you to utilise our accreditations, expertise and resources, meaning you have access to fully-insured, UKTA Approved PCN Category 1, 2 & 3 thermographers. We’re also able to provide specialist aerial surveys, with our pilots operating with Permissions for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).


Our white-labeling solutions enable you to meet customer needs without investing in costly equipment and lengthy training.

Easily integrating thermal imaging into your existing range of services allows you to focus on your business’ core competency, without any additional hassle.

Report Writing

It’s often required that reports are signed off by a Category 2 / Level 2 thermographer in order to fulfil scheme or insurance requirements. For those in possession of a Category 1 / Level 1 qualification, we’re able to add expert analysis to your images and sign them off for client hand-over.


We’re proud to maintain a number of accreditations, certifications and affiliations with national and global organisations.

Accredited Thermal Imaging Engineers

Thermal Imaging Surveys

Commercial thermal imaging surveys in accordance with the criteria set out in BRE 176 and BS EN ISO 13187.

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iRed is an industry-leading thermographic consultancy and training centre, providing specialist thermal imaging surveys and accredited infrared training across the UK and worldwide.

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For accredited thermal imaging and remote sensing training courses, please visit For thermal imaging solutions including UAV systems, software and thermal cameras, please visit

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