Accurate 3D modelling and site scanning using drones

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We help farmers map, model and visualise farmland using photogrammetry.

Drones allow for the quick and efficient scanning of land, ground formations and heritage sites. Our 3D models can be used to accurately map boundaries, monitor land and create topographic maps.

3D Drone Photogrammetry
3D Drone Photogrammetry

We help project managers to manage site stock and construction using drones.

Using specialist drones, we’re able to create accurate 3D models to monitor construction and manage site stock as part of BIM (Building Information Modelling).

We use photogrammetry for a wide range of applications…

3D Drone Photogrammetry

Land Registry Maps
Maintain and submit land registry information on physical surroundings using photogrammetry.

3D Drone Photogrammetry

Rock & Ground Formations
Detailed geological mapping using drones to create topographic maps.

3D Drone Photogrammetry

Boundary Mapping
Map and define accurate field boundaries for project planning and farm management.

3D Drone Photogrammetry

Map Heritage Sites
Visual mapping and 3D modelling for natural and cultural heritage sites

3D Drone Photogrammetry

3D Model Offshore Platforms
Survey, scan and record assets and objects on oil & gas plants and offshore platforms.

3D Drone Photogrammetry

Manage Site Stock
Measure, manage and monitor site stock and construction using photogrammetry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Photogrammetry is the process of capturing multiple images of a target from several positions. This data is then used by photogrammetry software to create accurate 3D models.

In order to capture elevated positions from above, it’s common for unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to be used for photogrammetry surveying.

Photogrammetry is used for a wide range of applications, most common of which include:

  • Boundary mapping
  • Managing site stock
  • Mapping rock and ground formations
  • 3D Modelling oil & gas plants and offshore platforms
  • Capturing and analysing accident sites and forensic scenes
  • Mapping and modelling heritage sites
  • Monitoring and assessing construction areas

Our engineers use different software applications depending on the project at hand.

For accurate volumetric measurements and 3D visualisations, we primarily use bespoke processing systems in combination with Pix4D for image processing.

We have a large fleet of aerial platforms, ranging from DJI Enterprise drones to bespoke systems specifically created by our technical team for individual projects.

To capture reliable data on-site, we only use the highest-resolution visual cameras available to the commercial market. This varies from 36 megapixels to 400 megapixels, depending on a project’s requirements.

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