Improve crop health and maximise yield with multispectral imaging.

Specialist drone multispectral imaging surveys, tailored for farmers and agronomists.

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Learn more about your crops with precision agriculture surveys

Reduce Costs

We highlight areas of concern for targeted preventative measures, reducing the need for widespread pesticide usage.

Monitor Crop Health

By surveying in the near-infrared wavelength, we can assess the health and vitality of individual crops.

Crop Counting

Using drones, we can determine the quality and density of individual crops for accurate yield estimations.

Groundbreaking drone inspections for industry

iRed® are the UK’s leader in thermal imaging, remote sensing and integrated drone solutions. Founded in 2002, our passionate team of industry experts help people and companies revolutionise their business with new and emerging inspection technologies.

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Smarter crop management

Using specialist commercial drones and multispectral sensors, we can quickly identify poor performing crops for targeted preventative measures – drastically reducing the need for widespread pesticide and fertiliser usage.


Using drones to learn how your crops are really performing

Healthy crops reflect more green in the near-infrared wavelength. By capturing this data, we’re able to assess and analyse the vitality of individual crops – down to the individual leaves.

We’re also able to detect and monitor moisture and irrigation effectiveness. As such, we can discover any issues that might otherwise affect overall system performance.

What We Find

  • Crop Health & Density

  • Pests, Weeds & Diseased Areas

  • Crop Root Structure

  • Water Density

  • Soil Fertility

Where We Find It

  • Food Crops

  • Industrial Crops

  • Ornamental Crops

  • Feed Crops

  • Oil Crops

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 “iRed have proved themselves to be very flexible in fitting in with our policies and procedures, the engineers have been very efficient and I have been impressed with the final presentation of the results.”

Paul Harding, NHS

“As a business, iRed have proved their worth time and time again. The professionalism of the office staff, united with engineer know-how of thermographic engineers is a formidable team.”

Trevor May, EMCOR
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“iRed’s professionalism is apparent in both their approach to the client on site and to the report production aspect which is delivered in an easy to understand and visually pleasing format.”


Precision Agriculture Customers
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Certified Inspectors

We’re proud to have the largest team of certified category 2/3 thermal inspectors in the UK.

Nationwide Surveys

We’re proud to be trusted by over 2,500 customers across a broad range of industries nationwide.

Latest Technology

In partnership with FLIR and DJI, we only use the very latest commercial inspection tools and sensors.

How do I book a survey?

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Simply get in touch via our quote form and we’ll send you back a free estimate the same day.

2. Drone Survey

We start our checks 24hrs before the survey, keeping you updated along the way.

3. Report Analysis

Our in-house reports are delivered within 3-5 days, signed off by our industry experts.

We’re approved and accredited


We’re proud to maintain a number of accreditations, certifications, awards and affiliations from national and global organisations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Precision agriculture is the practice of using multispectral sensors for progressive crop management. Also known as ‘smart farming’, precision agriculture surveys capture data in five narrow spectral bands. Using this data, we’re able to create health indexes and maps to better understand your crops.

Using the data collect from multispectral imaging, our team can highlight areas of interest for targeted preventative measures. In doing so, we drastically reduce the need for widespread pesticide and fertiliser usage.

As a DJI Enterprise Partner, we only use the latest commercial equipment available to industry. This means that unlike other companies, we’re able to process up to 100 hectares a day. This data is at a resolution that’s 500 times greater than satellite imagery. With this in mind, we’re able to capture multispectral data down to the individual leaves.

iRed® proudly works in partnership with agronomists at the Langmead Group. This collaboration enables us to pioneer new techniques and practices for industry, focusing our efforts towards effective data collection for the future of farming.

To accurately assess vineyards, farmland and high-value crops, it’s recommended that certain environmental conditions are met on the day of survey.

Ideally, our surveys will start 2 hours before the sun is at it’s highest point. Subsequently, surveys can be expected to end 2 hours after solar noon. These conditions allow us to collect detailed data, which is key for advanced methods of processing. Equally, to avoid the effects of shadowing it’s recommended that surveys are undertaken during clear skies (or a consistent overcast).

For the best results, we recommend that crops are inspected at regular intervals. This provides a full understanding of your fields, and allows us to map changes over time.

Why people and companies choose iRed®…

Other companies

  • Not qualified to national standards

  • Insufficient company insurance

  • Low-resolution multispectral cameras

  • Little to no image explanation or analysis

  • Slow data-processing facilities

Why companies use iRed®

  • CAA Approved Drone Inspectors (ID. 2082)

  • £5m Public & £10m Employers liability insurance

  • Highest-resolution multispectral cameras in the UK

  • Aftercare troubleshooting and advice

  • Purpose-built remote sensing data processing units

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