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Specialist thermal imaging surveys and remote sensing inspections.

iRed is the UK’s leading provider of expert thermal imaging surveys and specialist inspections for a wide range of commercial applications.

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Building Survey

Infrared surveys can accurately capture and assess a buildings performance data.

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Housing Stock Survey

Concise thermal images for housing associations and councils.

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BREEAM Credit Survey

Thermal imaging surveys specifically tailored for BREEAM credit.

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Home Quality Mark Survey

Specialist infrared surveys for new builds in accordance with BRE.

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Roof Survey

Aerial thermal imaging utilising drones and specialists infrared camera cores.

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Infrared Electrical Inspections

Assess electrical performance and compliance in electromechanical systems.

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Condition Monitoring

Use thermal imaging for effective, long-term and preventative maintenance.

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Data Centre Survey

Use infrared cameras to monitor heat-flow performance in data centres.

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Solar Farm Survey

Remotely inspect renewable energy sources and locate faulty cells.

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Precision Agriculture

Manage land using infrared and multispectral imagery.

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3D Modelling

Explore real environments and data in a visual format.

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Investigative Thermography

Reliable & actionable data for dispute resolution and handovers.

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Looking for a partner?

With engineers based nationwide, we team up with a wide range of partners in the built environment for whitelabeling & more. We are always looking to establish new partnerships in industry.

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A Few of Our Accreditations

We’re proud to maintain a number of accreditations, certifications and affiliations with national and global organisations.