Expert thermal imaging surveys and specialist inspections.

Expert thermal imaging surveys and specialist inspections from accredited engineers

Infrared Building Survey

Building Thermal Imaging Survey

Measure heat loss, detect thermal bridges and assess insulation with thermal imaging cameras.

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Thermal Imaging Electrical Survey

Electrical Thermal Imaging Survey

Precise temperature measurement of main panels, distribution boards and switchboards.

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Solar Farm String Error iRed

Aerial Photovoltaic Survey

Specialist aerial thermal imaging surveys to detect faulty cells, string-errors, organic debris and defective diodes.

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Thermal Imaging Data Centre

Data Centre Survey

Thermal imaging can be used to monitor heat-flow performance in hot and cold aisles.

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Thermal Imaging Home Quality Mark Survey 7

BREEAM Credit Survey

Thermal imaging surveys specifically tailored for BREEAM credit.

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Thermal Imaging Commercial Building Survey

Housing Stock Survey

Extensive housing stock surveys using high-resolution thermal cameras to capture quick snapchats.

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Thermal Imaging Drone Roof Survey

Aerial Thermal Imaging Survey

Aerial thermal imaging surveys using drones to identify heat loss and missing or damaged insulation.

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Multispectral Imaging Drone Survey

Multispectral Imaging

Our engineers using multispectral imaging and purpose-built drones for precision agriculture.

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Create maps and 3D models of buildings and environments for measurement and data visualisation.

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Expert thermal imaging surveys and specialist inspections.

Our Surveys

Thermography is a specialist technique which uses infrared-sensitive cameras to inspect buildings, electrical equipment, rotating machinery and devices to detect faults or problematic areas, as part of routine maintenance or fault-finding. This non-invasive method allows the identification – both in terms of location and severity – of problems associated with heat loss.

We’re Fully Accredited

Our thermographers are fully accredited to provide surveys, and our team is committed to delivering the highest standard throughout all of our services.

Certified Thermal Imaging Providers-2

We operate with £5m Public Liability and £1m Professional Indemnity insurance.

Cost Effective

Thermal imaging technology allows for the non-destructive testing of the built environment, saving costly deconstruction or invasive inspections.

Temperature Data

Radiometric thermal images allow us to conduct in-depth analysis during post-processing, ensuring we find any and all problems associated with heat.

Reveal the Invisible

Thermal surveys allow us to accurately identify problems areas not visible to the naked eye, discovering anomalies before they become issues.

Accredited Thermal Imaging Training

Professional thermal imaging qualifications certified to ISO 18436 and ISO 6781 standards, delivered by industry experts.

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iRed is an industry-leading thermographic consultancy and training centre, providing specialist thermal imaging surveys and accredited infrared training across the UK and worldwide.

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