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Our Services

Specialist commercial infrared surveys.

Building Survey
Capture and assess a buildings performance data.

Thermal Imaging of Housing Stock

Housing Stock Surveys
Concise thermal images for several buildings.

BREEAM Credit Survey
Surveys specifically tailored for BREEAM credit.

Drone/Mast Survey
Ideal for surveying roofs, large buildings and wide areas.

Electrical Inspections
Assess electrical performance and compliance.

Condition Monitoring
Effective, long-term and preventative maintenance.

Damp & Mould Surveys
Discover the location and cause of damp and mould.

Investigative Thermography iRed

Investigative Thermography
Ideal for dispute resolution and underground mapping.

3D Mapping & Surveying
Explore real environments and data in a visual format.

UAS Precision Agriculture
Manage land using multi-spectral and infrared imagery.

iRed Photovoltaic Thermographic Surveys

Solar Farm Surveys
Remotely inspect renewable energy sources and locate faulty cells.

Looking for a partner?

With engineers based nationwide, we team up with a wide range of partners in the built environment for whitelabeling & more. We are always looking to establish new partnerships in industry.

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What is thermography?

Thermography is a specialist technique which uses infrared-sensitive cameras to inspect buildings, electrical equipment, rotating machinery and devices to detect faults or problematic areas, as part of routine maintenance or fault-finding. This non-invasive method allows the identification – both in terms of location and severity – of problems associated with heat loss.

At iRed we also employ techniques such as ultrasonic testing and data logging to compliment our thermal imaging services, allowing us to provide more comprehensive services such as condition monitoring.

About Our Surveys

Here at iRed we believe in high quality thermal images that give you context of the whole building envelope, as opposed to just one small element. Because of this, we don’t just provide our clients with thermal images, we provide them with reports. Any anomalies or issues found within the imagery will already be highlighted by one of our expert thermographers, with detail as to not only what the problem could be, but why it’s there.

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A Few of Our Accreditations

We’re proud to maintain a number of accreditations, certifications and affiliations with national and global organisations.