BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology) is a structured methodology to analyse, rate and certify a building’s environmental and sustainability characteristics.

In the latest BREEAM UK New Construction 2014 technical manual (SD5076) it is possible to be awarded a BREEAM credit by conducting a thermal imaging survey of the building fabric by a qualified PCN Category 2 (or approved) thermographer.

iRed offers thermographic surveys specifically tailored to meet the requirements of BREEAM which could lead to a credit towards overall BREEAM certification, the necessary criteria of which is stated below:

One Credit – Testing And Inspecting Building Fabric

  1. The commissioning and testing schedule and responsibilities credit is achieved.
  2. The integrity of the building fabric, including continuity of insulation, avoidance of thermal bridging and air leakage paths is quality assured through completion of post construction testing and inspection. Dependent on building type or construction, this can be demonstrated through the completion of a thermographic survey as well as an airtightness test and inspection (see compliance notes CN3.3 and CN3.4. The survey and testing is undertaken by a Suitably Qualified Professional (see Relevant definitions) in accordance with the appropriate standard.
  3. Any defects identified in the thermographic survey or the airtightness testing reports are rectified prior to building handover and close out. Any remedial work must meet the required performance characteristics for the building/element.

From: Technical Manual: Version: SD5076 – Issue: 4.1 – Issue Date: 09/03/2016

We employ qualified and approved Level 2 and Level 3 thermographers who have carried out hundreds of thermal imaging surveys across the UK, all of which have contributed towards achieving a BREEAM credit. The thermographic survey results are delivered in a clear and comprehensive report, featuring unique thermal images that are not only incredibly detailed, but provide the entire context of the building fabric, allowing any anomalies to be easily identified and pin-pointed. We can also provide ISO 18436 BINDT approved advanced (PCN Category 2 or ABBE Diploma) training for those wishing to meet the required criteria themselves.

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