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Thermal Imaging Building Survey

Non-destructive thermal imaging surveys for the built environment.



Our thermal imaging building surveys use non-destructive techniques and equipment to highlight thermal anomalies and assess the performance of a building. The data we collect on-site is analyzed by a PCN Category 2 accredited thermographer, providing actionable and definitive evidence for dispute resolution and more.

Pairing thermal imaging with additional specialist equipment such as damp meters and remote data loggers enables us to produce a wide range of bespoke reports tailored to your unique situation.

Our advanced thermal imaging techniques and expert analysis allows us to:

  • Capture and assess the risk of damp, mould and condensation
  • Find areas of significant heat transfer between internal and external elevations
  • Find air leakage using thermal imaging to locate cracks and unintentional openings in a building

Key Points

  • Find air leakage, assess thermal comfort levels and locate areas of heat loss

  • Accurately detect and locate areas of missing or damaged insulation

  • Identify variation in the building fabric against design specifications

  • Assess the probability of damp and mould using thermal indexing

  • Utilise thermal imaging to map underfloor heating systems


It’s possible to be awarded a BREEAM credit by conducting a thermal imaging survey of the building fabric by a qualified PCN Category 2 (or approved) thermographer. To find out more, click here.



We’re proud to maintain a number of accreditations, certifications and affiliations with national and global organisations.

iRed Remote Sensing Testimonial

“iRed’s professionalism is apparent in both their approach to the client on site and to the report production aspect which is delivered in an easy to understand and visually pleasing format.”

A. Caulk, SSE
iRed Remote Sensing Testimonial

“iRed have proved themselves to be very flexible in fitting in with our policies and procedures, the engineers have been very efficient and I have been impressed with the final presentation of the results.”

Paul Harding, NHS
iRed Remote Sensing Testimonial

“As a business, iRed have proved their worth time and time again. The professionalism of the office staff, united with engineer know-how of thermographic engineers is a formidable team.”

Trevor May, EMCOR Rail

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