Precision Agriculture

Specialist multispectral surveys for precision agriculture.

We use purpose-built drones to analyse crop health remotely, helping farmers to maximise yield.

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Multispectral Imaging Surveys

Our team uses specialist drones and industry-leading software to help farmers and agronomists maximise crop yield.

Improve Crop Health

Increase Crop Yield

Determine Crop Density

Assess Soil Fertility

Monitor Irrigation

Find Pests & Weeds

CAA Approved | 15m Operating Safety Case | Pix4D Operators | CHAS Accredited

Precision Agriculture Surveys
Learn how your crops are performing

Increase Crop Yield

Our surveys highlight areas of concern for early preventative measures. This enables farmers and agronomists to maximise yield and increase profits.

Monitor Rate of Growth

Healthy crops reflect more green in the near-infrared wavelength. We use this data to assess and analyse the vitality of individual crops.

Identify Pests & Weeds

Multispectral sensors can be used to locate pest and weed infestations. When detected early, this data can be used to optimise pesticide usage and crop analysis.

Determine Crop Density

Estimating yield is an integral part of commercial agricultural production. We can determine the quality and density of individual crops for accurate estimations.

Monitor Moisture & Irrigation

Our specialist surveys can monitor moisture and irrigation. This allows for the quick detection of issues affecting overall system performance.

Optimise Fertiliser Usage

Soil type and composition directly affects crop yield. Our engineers assess soil moisture and composition as part of our precision agriculture surveys.

We can also provide 3D modelling and boundary mapping

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We’re proud to serve over 400 clients across a range of industries, including local authorities, public bodies and global brands.

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Precision agriculture is the practice of using remote sensors for crop management. The data we collect and analyse enables farmers to increase crop yields and lower costs.

Multispectral surveys highlight areas of interest for targeted preventative measures. Moreover, it reduces the need for widespread pesticide and fertiliser.

Our certified operators use specialist sensors to provide in-depth scouting for farmland. Coupled with industry-leading drone technology, we’re able to assess:

  • Crop Health
  • Water Density
  • Diseased Areas
  • Root Structure
  • Soil Fertility
  • Pests & Weeds
  • Crop Density

Using the latest technologies, we’re able to process up to 100 hectares a day. This data is at a resolution thats 500 times greater than satellite imagery. Consequently, we’re able to provide sensory data down to individual leaves. This allows us to observe, measure and analyse the needs of individual crops.

Multispectral Research & Development

iRed works in partnership with agronomists at the Langmead Group. The collaboration enables us to pioneer new techniques and practices for industry.

We’ve developed sustainable work-flows for multispectral sensors and aerial operations. This in turn enables us to accurately assess vineyards, arable and high-value crops.

We only use the latest aerial technologies for precision farming. Subsequently, our sensor of choice is the RedEdge-M.

The RedEdge is a powerful multispectral camera, specifically designed for aerial operations. It’s capable of capturing five narrow spectral bands, ideal for precise data collection. Additionally, the camera can operate in temperatures of up to 50ºC.

In the air, we use a DJI Matrice 210 RTK aerial platform with a custom-mount integration. This is flown by our CAA Approved operators from a secure base station.

For larger areas and bespoke projects, we have a range of purpose-built platforms. This includes a fleet of fixed-wing aircraft, ensuring that we can survey any location – no matter the size.

All equipment is specially calibrated for precise, repeatable measurements.

To capture accurate data, our surveys start 2 hours before the sun is at its highest point. Subsequently, surveys can be expected to end 2 hours after solar noon. These conditions allow us to collect detailed radiometric data, which is key for advanced methods of processing.

Data should also be captured with either clear skies or a consistent overcast. This is to avoid the effects of shadowing.

For the best results, we recommend inspecting crops at regular intervals. This provides a full understanding of your fields, and the immediate identification of any anomalies.

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Specialist inspections using purpose-built drones.

Our pilots are CAA Approved, and operate with a 10m Operating Safety Case.

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