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Drone Multispectral Training Course

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Industry-leading multispectral training course for precision agriculture and environmental monitoring.

Learn to how to process and analysis multispectral images captured using a drone. This course is designed for commercial drone pilots looking to monitor crop health, yield and infestations.

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Course Description

Using drones for agricultural monitoring helps farmers transform industry processes. The Drone Multispectral Training Course provides an introduction to collecting valuable data with a drone.

Pilots can use multispectral cameras on their drone to capture data in several spectral bands. Specialist software such as Pix4D converts multispectral images into precise maps for use within industry.

Agricultural professionals can use these maps for a range of practical applications. These include:

  • Determining crop health
  • Estimating population
  • Identifying pest infested areas
  • Maximising crop yield
  • Improving crop quality

A further use for multispectral imaging is the creation of terrain mosaics for archaeological sites. Soil variability caused by buried structures can affect plant growth, which is visible to a multispectral sensor.

Course Content

The Drone Multispectral Training Course provides delegates with a professional understanding of aerial multispectral surveying. This includes the fundamentals of image capture, analysis, and processing techniques.

Combining theory with real-world experience, the course includes factors such as camera set-up, integration, and flight planning. As well as this, delegates will learn how to process their data in Pix4D, an image processing software application.

Including both  and practical exercises, this course is relevant to current and emerging commercial needs. Completion of this course will provide delegates with an understanding of how to use a multispectral camera on a drone in order to capture precise images for analysis.

Who Should Attend

This training course is ideal for those looking to learn how to conduct multispectral inspections using a drone. This includes farmers, agronomists, and those working in viticulture. As well as this, the course is suitable for existing drone pilots who want to expand their current services to include multispectral image capture.

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