Drone Thermal Imaging Category 1 (E-Learning)

£1,495.00 inc. VAT

GBP1495 including VAT

Learn how to capture, process and analyse thermal images captured using a drone. This course is designed for commercial drone pilots looking to inspect buildings, solar panels and power-lines using thermal imaging cameras.

  • Want to learn in-person? Physical classroom / blended course available here


  • Camera Setup

  • Heat Transfer Principles

  • Atmospheric Attenuation

  • Range, Level & Span

  • R.A.T. Settings

  • Equipment Care

  • Emissivity Variations

  • Operational Conditions

  • Practical Exercises

  • Avoiding Errors

  • Infrared Calibration

  • Electromagnetic Spectrum

  • Drone Operating Procedures

  • Photovoltaic Survey Basics

  • Building Survey Basics

  • Thermal Image Analysis

  • Thermal Image Processing

  • Getting a “Good” Image

  • Basic Report Writing

  • Industry Insight


If you already have a drone and/or a multispectral camera, students are encouraged to bring their equipment with them.

If you do not already own any equipment, but are still interested in attending, our instructors will be able to provide first-hand guidance on which equipment is best suited for you.

Whilst we appreciate that it is not always possible to have completed everything required beforehand, we do ask that all students attending this course already hold or are working towards either their GVC or A2 CofC.

Students attending this course can expect to be have informal quizzes and tests during the 2 days, however as a practical-based course there are no official examinations to achieve your qualification.

This course is mostly practical based, therefore all you will need to do is book your place and arrive at the planned location on the scheduled date. It really is that simple!

We completely understand that personal and work commitments can sometimes be difficult to avoid. Whilst we make every effort to be as flexible as we can for our students, we recommend that you only book a place if you are available for the full duration of the course. If you book your place and you then become available for that specific course date, just let us know and we will discuss your options.

It is most important to us to ensure that every student attending our courses is aware of the commitment, time and workload that is required for their training. If you are unsure on whether a course is for you, please give us a call and we will be able to give you further information or recommend an alternative course which may be more suitable. We would always recommend chatting to a member of our team before proceeding with booking if you are not 100% sure, as you could incur fees if you change your mind later down the line.