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Drone Thermal Imaging Course

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Specialist thermal imaging course for new and existing drone operators.

Designed for drone pilots, this comprehensive 1-day course teaches operators how to conduct aerial thermal imaging surveys using a drone.

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Course Description

The Drone Thermal Imaging training course delivers an introduction to the use of thermal cameras on drones. As a result, this provides delegates with the skills and knowledge to conduct aerial thermal imaging surveys.

The range of applications for thermal imaging technology allows pilots to offer additional services to a wide variety of clients. For example, common uses of thermal imaging include:

  • Thermal building surveys
  • Surveys of industrial plants
  • Photovoltaic (solar) panel surveys
  • Search and Rescue Emergency Response

Course Content

Each of the thermal imaging cameras available have different features. As a result, some models are not suitable for certain tasks. This course helps delegates to understand which cameras are suitable for their needs and budget. Delegates will also have the opportunity to try out the latest thermal imaging cameras for use in aerial surveys.

Furthermore, every thermal imaging camera requires setting up according to the task you want it to perform. For this reason, the course will explain the different menu parameters, including choice of temperature range and colour palette.

In addition to camera set-up and integration, this course will demonstrate how to care for thermal cameras. This is because the sensors on a thermal camera are sensitive, and can become damaged if not used correctly.

Delegates will also learn how to use software to interpret the thermal imaging data they collect. This allows for further processing and analysis.

On completion of the course, delegates will gain the skills and knowledge to conduct an aerial thermal survey. This includes setting up a thermal imaging camera, and accurately interpreting thermal data.

Who Should Attend

Ideal for new and existing drone pilots, the course teaches the basics of thermal camera operation. This enables pilots to expand their range of existing services to include aerial thermal surveys.

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