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Equine Thermal Imaging Technicians Course

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Specialist thermal imaging course for equine scanning and reporting.

Aimed at equine professionals as well as those interested in thermography, this course delivers the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to undertake basic equine thermal imaging scans.

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Course Description

Thermal imaging is a non-invasive method of measuring heat emissions from the body. Any abnormal thermal patterns are visible as a thermal image. As a result, professionals can use this data to detect differences in a horse’s thermal and neural condition. This also enables them to accurately locate potential error sources that require further investigation.

Course Content

Through a range of practical exercises, both in the classroom and on-site, delegates will gain an understanding of the basics of thermal imaging. This comprehensive course will demonstrate how to use thermal imaging to undertake a thorough equine scan.

Delegates will study pre-scan procedures, including thermal camera set-up and operation. For example, they will learn how to correctly adjust camera and software settings.

Delegates will practice image analysis and pattern recognition. Consequently, this enables them to identify problem areas that may need further investigation by a vet.

The Equine Thermal Imaging Technicians Course provides delegates with the skills and knowledge to undertake basic equine scans and reporting. These are effective for monitoring injury, recovery, and general equine performance.

To complete the course, delegates must pass a theory exam which takes place on the final day of the course.

Assessment also includes five equine thermal imaging reports. Delegates will have up to a year after the end of the course to submit their reports to iRed for assessment. Delegates will need a thermal imaging camera to complete their reports, which are available to hire or purchase from our online store.

Who Should Attend

The Equine Thermal Imaging Technicians Course is ideal for equine professionals who want to learn how to use thermal imaging as a tool for equine care. No previous experience or knowledge of thermal imaging is necessary to attend this course. However, delegates will need to have a basic understanding of equine anatomy and physiology.

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