Equine Thermographers Course

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Advanced thermal imaging course for professional equine scanning.

Ideal for those looking to enhance their existing skills and knowledge, this course teaches delegates how to use thermal imaging to evaluate equine performance and comfort.

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The Equine Thermographers Course introduces advanced equine scanning. Building on existing knowledge of stationary equine scanning, this course teaches delegates how to conduct both pre- and post-exercise scans. These enable thermographers to identify problems that only present themselves during movement.

Course Content

The course includes fundamental principles of thermal imaging, including emissivity, RAT, and IFoV. Additionally, delegates will learn how to detect dermatomes, and differentiate between natural thermal cut-offs. This provides vets with an early sign of nerve damage, which can affect a horse’s performance, comfort, and health.

Using theoretical and practical exercises, delegates will learn how to undertake advanced scanning. This includes factors such as pattern recognition and analysis. Delegates will also learn processes for advanced reporting, documentation, and thermal image processing.

To complete the course, delegates will sit a theory examination which takes place on the final day of the course.

In addition, the assessment includes an analysis of twenty case studies, as well as one full equine thermal imaging report. Delegates will have up to a year after the end of the course to submit their report. In order to complete the report, delegates will need to use a thermal imaging camera, which are available to hire or purchase from our online store.

Who Should Attend

The Equine Thermographers course is ideal for those who have already attended the Equine Thermal Imaging Technicians Course. The comprehensive course enables delegates to advance their existing skills and knowledge. Successful completion of this course allows delegates to undertake advanced equine scans. This enables them to identify issues needing further investigation.

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