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Remote Sensing Category 1 Course

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Specialist training course for drone pilots looking to expand their skills.

Combines our one-day sensor courses into one comprehensive Category 1 qualification, certified by the iRed® Academy.

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Course Description

The Remote Sensing Category 1 Course offers an introduction to a range of sensors. This course combines our industry-leading thermal imaging, multispectral, and drone mapping training courses. Using hands-on learning and real world scenarios, each of the five days will focus on a different sensor and its applications.

Course Content

This comprehensive course is 5 days – however, each day is also available to book onto as an individual, 1-day course:

Thermal Imaging Training

Thermal imaging cameras are widely used for surveying and inspections. These cameras are able to identify, capture, and assess heat loss. Common uses of thermal imaging cameras on a drone include surveys of buildings, industrial plants, and also photovoltaic (solar) panels. During the course, delegates will learn the basics of thermal imaging, including camera set-up and integration. In addition, delegates will learn how to use software to interpret the thermal imaging data they collect.

Drone Mapping

Furthermore, this course will introduce drone mapping. Drones capture visual data, which are then used to create 3D maps and models for measurement and analysis. Some of the applications for this technology include 3D environment mapping, time-lapse site scans, and volumetric measurements. During this course, delegates will gain an understanding of different drone technology, as well as aerial capture techniques. Additionally, the course includes post-processing techniques and data analysis.

Drone Thermal Imaging

As well as learning the basics of thermal imaging, this course will teach delegates how to use thermal cameras on their drone. Delegates will gain the skills and knowledge to conduct aerial thermal imaging surveys, whilst taking into account CAA regulations. This includes learning the basics of thermal camera set-up and integration with a drone. Common uses of thermal imaging cameras on drones include surveys of buildings and industrial plants, as well as search and rescue operations.

Drone Multispectral

The Remote Sensing Drone Course also introduces multispectral imaging. Pilots can use multispectral cameras on their drone to collect data specifically for precision agriculture and environmental monitoring. Specialist software converts multispectral images into precise maps. As a result, these maps have a variety of uses for agricultural professionals, including maximising yield and improving crop quality. The course teaches the fundamentals of multispectral image capture, analysis, and processing techniques.

Drone Inspections

Furthermore, the course provides an introduction to the commercial applications for this technology, including commercial surveying. Drones are a valuable tool for detection, monitoring and inspection. As such, delegates will learn how to select, configure, and integrate a range of sensors with the appropriate platforms. Delegates will also gain an understanding of how to conduct commercial inspections with their drone safely and effectively.

Who Should Attend

The Remote Sensing Category 1 Course is ideal for pilots who want to expand their skills and knowledge of remote sensors and their use on drones. Introducing a range of sensors, the course enables delegates to increase the range of services they offer to clients. They may also wish to seek further education and training in a specific field.

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