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iRed joins COMIT2Drones community

Alice Macpherson2019-09-17T11:06:41+01:0017 September 2019|Categories: Press Releases|Tags: COMIT2Drones, Drone|

iRed joins COMIT2Drones community iRed, a business at the forefront of drone technology, is excited to be joining the COMIT2Drones community. COMIT2Drones is a specialist group focusing on drones within the construction industry. COMIT (Construction, Operation & Maintenance through Innovative Technology) first began in 2003, originally as a two-year research and development [...]

iRed Rescue Drones A Life-Saver

Jack2018-07-13T09:03:18+01:0012 July 2018|Categories: Press Releases|Tags: Drone, search and rescue, thermal imaging|

An industry-leading thermal imaging company in Hampshire is supplying emergency services across the country with drones fitted with specialist cameras. iRed launched its ‘search and rescue’ packages after a decade of research into aerial thermography and has supplied six police forces already. The kit enables immediate searches to be made and for large areas [...]

Meet the Workswell Wiris 2 Infrared UAV Camera

Jack2017-07-04T10:30:14+01:004 July 2017|Categories: News|Tags: Drone, Wiris 2, Workswell|

Introducing the Workswell Wiris 2 Thermal Imaging System, now available from the iRed Online Shop. The Workswell Wiris 2 is an industry-leading thermal imaging system that provides real-time control during flight. This infrared system combines a thermal imaging camera, visual camera and a processor unit that can record radiometric data along with a digital [...]