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iRed Announce Equine Thermography Courses

Jack2018-06-20T11:27:59+01:008 February 2018|Categories: News|Tags: equine, equine thermography, horse, thermal imaging, thermography, Training|

Detect problem areas, assess training performance and monitor injury with equine thermography. We’ve recently launched a range equine thermography courses designed to deliver the fundamental skills and knowledge required to capture and analyse infrared equine scans as part of a professional service. Learn pre-scan, scan and post scan procedures Understand equine pattern recognition and [...]

New Website Launched!

iRed Admin2018-06-12T14:06:21+01:009 October 2013|Categories: News|Tags: design, new, thermography, website|

We are happy to announce that our new website is live. It wasn't too long ago we noticed a similar trend with the design of thermography companies and their websites - in fact we even found some that looked incredibly similar to ours. So we decided to get with the times and refresh our [...]