Introduction to Thermal Imaging

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iRed® Certified e-learning course designed to introduce the fundamentals of thermal imaging.

This introductory e-learning course is ideal for those new to industry who want to learn how to collect and analyse data using a thermal imaging camera.

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Course Description

The Introduction to Thermal Imaging E-learning course provides delegates with an understanding of thermal imaging.

There are many applications of thermal imaging within industry, including surveys of buildings, solar farms, and electrical installations. These surveys are able to provide crucial insights and identify faults.

Course Content

Through a comprehensive online syllabus, delegates will learn the basics of thermal imaging. This includes the principles of thermal imaging, as well as the electromagnetic spectrum. Featuring a variety of presentations, reading assignments, and quizzes, the e-learning material is thorough and easy to digest.

Thermal cameras are not ‘point-and-shoot’, and as a result, many factors can affect a final image. This course explains how thermal imaging cameras can be used to accurately measure the temperature of objects, as well as identify any defects.

In addition, the comprehensive e-learning course introduces delegates to key factors in thermal imaging. These include heat transfer mechanisms and emissivity. Delegates will also learn the basics of thermal camera operation, as well as fixed camera parameters and required environmental conditions. Each of these factors are important in capturing an accurate thermal image.

Ultimately, the Introduction to Thermal Imaging E-learning course, delegates will have an understanding of the scientific principles behind thermal imaging, as well as the basic functions of a thermal camera. Delegates will also have the knowledge needed to capture thermal images for analysis and reporting.

At the end of the course, delegates will complete an online multiple-choice exam. Successfully passing this exam provides delegates with a CPD Certified  iRed® certificate.

Who Should Attend

Ideal for those new to industry, this course does not require any previous thermal imaging knowledge or experience. The course provides a foundation in thermal imaging and its applications. This enables delegates to include thermal imaging within their current range of services, or seek further education and training in this area.

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