iRed® is a pioneering sustainability consultancy, specialising in energy, environment and property.

Founded in 2002, our multidisciplinary team of industry experts use innovative technologies to identify faults, improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions across a broad range of industries.

Focusing on actionable insight, we find problems invisible to the naked eye. The data we collect enables confident decision making for your buildings, assets and land – and enables you to drastically reduce surveying time, effort and costs by streamlining your operations.

From consulting and surveying, to training and equipment – we’re here to help.


iRed® is trusted by everyone, from the UK Emergency Services and Fortune 500 companies, to local councils and those just starting out.

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Anglian Water Client

Mass media, news and politics is full of targets and buzz-words surrounding sustainability, the green agenda, net zero, climate change, pollution, and countless others. All of this adds up to the same thing: How can we reduce our use of natural resources? How can we improve energy efficiency of buildings? How can we reduce water and chemical usage on our land? How can we maximise energy production from our renewable energy sources?

These are simple, practical questions that our services seek to answer, for you, our clients. Once we’ve answered them, we prioritise them, so you can make the biggest impact for the lowest capital spend.

At iRed®, we are very practical people. We get to the heart of the matter – and the heart of the matter is using less natural resources, improving the use of natural resources, and connecting sustainability to business value.

Ray Faulkner, Non Executive Director


Our mission is simple: to connect people and companies to the technologies needed to achieve net zero carbon emissions.

Staying at the forefront of technological advancements is paramount to providing our customers with the latest innovations in industry. From the latest equipment and techniques, to essential ISO certifications and strategic partnerships, we work tirelessly to ensure our technical experts have the latest accreditations, expertise and toolsets to revolutionise how our customers approach sustainability.

From training and equipment, to surveying and consulting – we’re here to help.


Our team of industry experts help clients revolutionise the way they operate, utilising new and emerging sensors to reach their carbon reduction goals


As the only equipment and survey provider with an accredited division, we make it our business to know every detail for every drone and sensor.


Unlike other companies, we’re not box-shifters. Our passionate team are on-hand to help you find the perfect solution for you – no matter how long it takes.


We work closely with leading universities, colleges and academic institutions to help pioneer new techniques and practices for industry.


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