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Farnborough Emerging Technology Centre

iRed’s Managing Director, Ray Faulkner, delivering a presentation at Farnborough’s Emerging Technology Centre

iRed are working in partnership with Farnborough College of Technology to deliver innovative new technology to students.

The college, based in Hampshire, provides a range of further and higher education courses with a vocational focus. These include A-Levels, Apprenticeships, and Degrees.

Farnborough have recently opened an Emerging Technology Centre. A new space for students, the centre features a variety of teaching areas and IT suites. The aim of the centre is to provide students with access to the latest technology. Mostly, this will relate to the sector they are studying towards. iRed has recently visited the centre, providing a demonstration of drone technology to students and parents at an Open Evening Event.

Introducing innovative technology within the college makes a difference to the education and training the students receive. For example, media students can use drones alongside traditional cameras to capture a wider range of imagery. As well as this, drone technology is widely used by surveyors and inspectors within the built environment. Because of this, there is the potential for those studying construction to use drones for surveying – expanding their wider subject knowledge.

The iRed Academy provides accredited drone and thermal imaging training tailored for commercial applications. Each of these courses has an industry focus, which equip delegates to seek a range of employment opportunities or further training within industry.

As such, there are a variety of opportunities for the use of drone and other aerial technology within education. The partnership between iRed and Farnborough College allows those studying at the college to utilise this technology and expand their skills and knowledge.



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