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iRed Drone Demand

Additional training creates new opportunities for drone pilots

As the use of drones within industry becomes increasingly popular, iRed’s specialist training courses are creating new opportunities for drone pilots.

Training is required to operate a drone commercially – however, the demand for qualified and capable drone pilots within many industries is higher than ever. As a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved National Qualified Entity (NQE), iRed offers the largest range of industry-focused drone training courses in the UK.

Each of these training courses are ideal for both new and existing drone operators. One example of this is the Commercial Remote Pilot Qualification, which teaches delegates how to operate a drone safely and for use within the commercial environment. Using both practical and theoretical exercises, this course delivers the skills and knowledge needed for pilots looking to attain their Permissions for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the CAA.

The specialist course covers all aspects of drone piloting, such as operating procedures, the fundamentals of air law, human factors and considerations, the basics of meteorology, and much more.

“As the industry continues to expand, it’s important that new pilots are competent in operating their drone – and this is where training can make a difference,” commented Jack Bloomfield, iRed’s Marketing Manager.  “There are a wide range of job opportunities open to qualified pilots, so gaining a PfCO is a great starting point for those looking to operate commercially.”

The iRed Academy

Based in Hampshire, with a new training facility in Lancashire, iRed is also a leading provider of  training courses that teach delegates how to use specialist, remote sensors such as thermal imaging cameras on their drone. This advanced technology has a wide range of applications that meet different commercial needs – and means that pilots who undertake further drone training become more valuable to clients, gaining an edge over their competitors.

There are many areas where there is a demand for drone technology, as well as the use of remote sensors on drones. These include aerial surveys and inspections, agricultural inspections, and search and rescue missions.

The iRed Academy’s Learning Advisors are always available to discuss course options and answer any questions or enquiries.

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