On our sites and in our marketing material you can often find free vouchers, promotional offers and discount codes. These vouchers, often distributed through mail, magazines, newspapers, the internet (social media and email newsletters) and directly from iRed, can be used to discount the price of our training courses.

To redeem a voucher, find a course you’d like to register on and use the six-digit code found on your training voucher during the checkout process. Once completed, the value of the voucher will be taken off your chosen course.

Terms & Conditions

All vouchers expire 12 months from their date of issue, unless otherwise stipulated on the voucher, are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Vouchers can only be used once and for the full value for the specific course stated upon issue. They cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers/promotions, or for courses that are on a sale price. There is a limit of one voucher per booking or purchase and redeemed for the same currency as stated on that voucher.

Vouchers cannot be reused, even if you cancel your booking or payment or used in combination with any other promotions/offers or exchanged for cash.

We have the right to amend the voucher terms and conditions and/or discontinue a voucher at any time without affecting your statutory rights as well as being able to refuse a voucher in payment or part payment of any item where we reasonably suspect that the voucher may have been stolen, tampered with, duplicated or obtained in an illegal way.

If a learner/client is given a “free space” on a training course as part of an offer or package (i.e.,Buy One Get One Free) and fails to pay the agreed amount by the due date, the “free space” will no longer be valid.

We reserve the right to cancel any “free spaces” if payment and cleared funds are not received by the agreed due date. We also reserve the right to change the time period given. If this period is shorter than that previously stated, we will inform you giving reasonable and sufficient notice for an earlier payment to be made.