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On September 8th, FLIR launched their latest thermal imaging camera featuring a 1MP detector providing a resolution of 1024×768. This is FLIR’s first uncooled micro bolometer camera with a detector of this size, which is most likely a direct response to Fluke’s HD IR Camera (re-branded VarioCAM HD). Whilst it’s not true high definition, in the same sense as HD video (720P or greater), it is a major step for thermal imaging cameras. Combined with FLIR’s UltraMax enhancement technology, this resolution can be doubled, providing less noise and enabling you to pick up small details at greater distances.

The new IR camera is dubbed the T1020/1040 (depending on the region) and has a host of useful features and noticeable differences over the T6xx series cameras. One major change is FLIR’s move away from Windows CE based cameras, instead a Linux based OS has been used, which results in a much faster and smoother operation. At iRed we use a range of FLIR cameras all based on the windows OS and nearly all of them are not as responsive as we would like.

The T1020 camera also features brand new optics, which makes use of a greater number of lenses to produce a sharp thermogram. The new optics has resulted in a slight change to the overall design of the camera (which is not dissimilar to the T6xx range), in that the detector location is much further back, improving the centre of gravity.

Orders are now being accepted at most FLIR distributors, for delivery in November and we predict the price will be around £30K – £35K. We are looking forward to getting our hands on one.

For the press release and full spec and features of the T1020/1040, see below:

FLIR Releases Groundbreaking High Definition Thermal Inspection Cameras

FLIR T1K Series Offers the Highest Performance, Accuracy, and Advanced Features for Thermography Experts

WILSONVILLE, OR – September 8th, 2015 – FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) today announced the release of the T1K series of premium HD thermal inspection cameras. Creating a new performance point at the top of FLIR’s uncooled thermal camera value ladder, the T1K series sets a new industry standard with an HD infrared detector delivering outstanding image clarity, exceptional measurement performance, and an intuitive yet simple hybrid-touch user interface. The new cameras allow users to find problem areas quickly, measure them precisely, and document and report findings for corrective action.

T1K series cameras feature a rich set of new hardware, software, and optical designs each tailored to take advantage of the new 1024 X 768 HD-IR detector. High fidelity images are created utilizing FLIR’s new OSXTM Precision HDIR optics which feature a precision ultrasonic autofocus capability. The combination of the higher resolution detector and the variety of OSX lenses available allow users to view problems from longer distances and with greater accuracy, promoting better safety and more efficient workflow.

Advanced real-time image processing is done utilizing the integrated on-board FLIR Vision ProcessorTM, which combines FLIR’s patented MSX® multi-spectral dynamic imaging with a series of other proprietary image enhancement algorithms to deliver highly detailed thermal and visual images to users while in the field. The advanced image processing features provide the highest quality images available in a compact uncooled system. Additionally, built-in audio and on-screen text/sketch annotation features support in-field documentation while the included FLIR Tools reporting software allows users to generate instant reports on a variety of mobile and desktop platforms.

“FLIR has once again raised the bar in the premium thermography market,” said Andy Teich, President and CEO of FLIR. “This new camera line forms a new “upper corner” in our Instruments segment’s value ladder with a complete ground-up development in optics, electronics, and software to support the new HD-IR detector. The FLIR T1K series was specifically designed to provide industrial inspection experts all the tools they need to quickly and efficiently identify potential problems before they become failures.”

The FLIR T1K series is available now through select channel partners and directly from FLIR. Initial models in the series include the FLIR T1020 and FLIR T1040, which will be offered in select regions. To learn more about the T1K series, please visit www.flir.com/T1K.

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