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As part of an experiment, we setup our FLIR A655sc thermal imaging camera to capture the tide going out over a period of 7 hours. Taken from our office window, the 45° lens we used on the IR camera managed to capture the whole of Dolphin Quay, Emsworth, Hampshire, as the tide departed.

We started the infrared time-lapse at 9 in the morning, to capture one frame every minute. You can see how the different surface materials are effected by fluctuating temperatures throughout the day and you can clearly see how much cooler it is in the shade.

  • Camera: FLIR A655sc with 45° Lens
  • Software: FLIR ResearchIR Max 4.2
  • Palette: Ironbow

If you have any requests for future time-lapses, please get in touch. You can also check out more thermal imaging videos on our YouTube channel



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