Introduction to Thermography Course Special Offer!

We are now running a special offer alongside all of our introduction to thermography courses! If you book a place on any of our intro courses, you can have the cost refunded if the delegate then books and pays for an iRed accredited Level 1 course within 12 months!

The introductory course is a great way to get into the thermal imaging world whether you are interested in civil, electrical, aerial or even equine thermography. The course will cover many different applications of thermography and will teach you how to use your thermal imaging camera to its full potential – no matter if you do not own a thermal imaging camera; we have a range of infrared cameras available to try out and since we have a neutral stance to all of the thermal imaging camera brands, all of our advice is unbiased.

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For more information and availability of our introduction to thermography courses, please click here or contact us now.

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