iRed Enter Into An Exciting Collaboration With Texo DSI

The following is an extract from the Texo DSI blog:

This collaboration will see Texo DSI Ltd work alongside and in conjunction with iRed Thermography, an industry leader in thermographic surveys and analysis. This extensive development program will focus on all aspects and associated applications of UAV Thermal Inspection and survey.

Industry recognised and certificated training will be provided by iRed Thermography to Texo DSI Ltd Thermal systems operatives, and will incorporate specific training modules devised within the collaboration process, to focus and place particular emphasis on enhanced data acquisition via Texo DSI Ltd UAV platforms in the ‘field’.

This ongoing development collaboration has been devised to incorporate and encompass the full Thermal Data acquisition procedure, covering all aspects of UAV acquired data optimisation and delivery, from training through to payload and associated software development. Ultimately, our collaboration program has been developed and implemented with the single aim of achieving and ensuring enhanced Thermal Data acquisition and subsequent, credible interpretation of results, thus ensuring a consistent and quantifiable level of project delivery.

Overseen and supported by an ongoing and continuous assessment training program from iRed, it will ensure Texo DSI Ltd remain at the forefront of UAV and Thermographic inspection & survey project delivery.

We’re very excited to be working with Texo DSI and we’re eager to continue the further developement of our aerial thermographic capabilities.

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