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iRed Remote Sensing Training

iRed and PETA to raise awareness of drone safety.

iRed is pleased to announce that Ray Faulkner, Managing Director and Steve Welland, iRed’s Training Manager, have been invited to present a breakfast briefing for Drone Operations in Health and Safety.

The breakfast briefing will take place on Friday 22nd February 2019 at the PETA Centre in Cosham. iRed will be presenting a session about the importance of health and safety for drone operations.

The session will demonstrate how drones can transform your business into a safer one, and will keep delegates up-to-date with the latest technologies and practices from industry.

Using technology to keep people safe

Health and safety is one of the most crucial elements of an organisation’s approach to operations. Keeping to the CAA’s regulations and looking after your employees’ wellbeing is of the utmost importance, and these new technologies are helping us to do that.

Join us for an interactive breakfast briefing to explore the world of drone operations and thermal imaging. Learn how this technology enables us to meet commercial needs, whilst ensuring all of the health and safety standards are met.

Session Content

  • How drones offer a safer alternative to high-risk situations
  • How drones can forward your approach to;
    • Reducing risks when working at heights
    • Providing a practical solution for projects
    • Reducing time, resources and hazardous situations
  • Practical demonstration

About iRed

iRed an industry-leading provider of specialist remote sensing training courses in the UK. The team has delivered over 15,000 days of training in the last decade, introducing hundreds of inspectors, assessors and surveyors to thermal imaging and drones as a tool for non-destructive testing.

The company works closely with a number of academic institutions, ranging from vocational colleges to universities, to pioneer new and innovative inspection techniques for industry.

About PETA

PETA (formerly known as Portsmouth Engineering Training Association) is one of Hampshire’s largest training organisations on the south coast, and continue to build on their reputation for providing corporate courses and apprenticeships for engineering, IT and many other industries. Each year PETA support, guide and train thousands of people to develop their knowledge and skills, with the aim of enhancing their career potential.

Event Details

Date: Friday 22nd February 2019
Time: 07.30am – 10.30am

Breakfast rolls, tea and coffee provided.

PETA Members: £35 ex. VAT
Non-Members: £42 ex. VAT

To book your space, please visit https://www.peta.co.uk/256/1761/drone-operations-in-health-and-safety-breakfast-briefing/PET002355



Founded in 2002, iRed® have helped thousands of businesses access the benefits of emerging technologies, providing cheaper, faster and safer inspection methods for a wide range of industries.