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The 1st April 2015 sees the launch of new, yet controversial, thermal imaging cameras from XIR, that can apparently see through walls. Dubbed Xray IR, the new camera range featuring this interesting and unique ability, combines a traditional uncooled infrared detector with an X-ray emitter. By using the focus on the camera, you can see through different levels of material, such as brick and concrete, enabling you to locate leaks, missing insulation and could potentially be used for more unscrupulous activities.

We managed to get in touch with the relatively young company XIR, who said the following:

Here, at XIR, we are very excited to announce our first Xray IR thermal imaging camera. The most common misconception with IR cameras is that they can see through walls, but until today it was not possible. It has taken many years of research and testing to finally produce a detector that not only detects infrared, but also allows you to manipulate the image you are looking at; to see through various materials that would normally interfere with traditional IR detectors – which means, no more detecting surface temperatures, as now you can bypass materials that block normal IR cameras. This would normally stop a thermographer in his tracks when looking for a water leak under a suspended floor, but with Xray IR, now you can see through the floor to locate the leak.

We understand that the cameras could be used for other purposes, however with our vetting process that all buyers must go through, we hope to avoid any potential issues in the future. Privacy is of utmost importance to us.”

With an expected retail price of £142,015 it is unlikely we will see the camera become mainstream, but it is certainly interesting to see how the infrared market is progressing.



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