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Ray Faulkner, managing director of iRed, has recently been interviewed on the thermal applications of UAV technology in the latest issue of Drone Magazine.

The interview – brought on by the dramatic increase in the commercial drone market over the past year – offers industry-insight into some of the factors and considerations required to take flight as an infrared drone pilot.

Here’s an extract from the the article:

What should you look For in your First thermal imaging camera?

It’s only in the last few years that thermal imaging technology has progressed to a stage in which infrared cameras can fit into the palm of your hand. These condensed cameras, commonly referred to as ‘cores’, are significantly lighter than their full-sized counterparts and, as such, are ideal for integration with aerial platforms. Despite their diminutive size, additional factors such as temperature sensitivity and accuracy, resolution or radiometry all play a part in determining the appropriateness of a camera for undertaking commercial surveys.

‘Thermal Sensitivity’ defines the smallest temperature difference your camera will be able to distinguish. The greater the sensitivity the more contrast there will be, essentially making your job easier. Specific jobs, such
as livestock counting, will usually have significant temperature differences between the subject and the environment, in turn making a high thermal sensitivity unnecessary. For jobs in the industrial or construction industries, however, it’s generally recommended a camera has a minimum sensitivity of 60mK….

The full article can be found in the current issue of Drone Magazine, available in-store at all local magazine retailers or online here.

DRONE Magazine is a high-quality monthly publication which will appeal to drone enthusiasts of all levels – from beginners who need to know the basics, right through to experts who want to build their own. The magazine is dedicated to bringing the latest information about new drone technology to the consumer in a friendly and informative manner – covering everything from reviews of new products, to the future use of these incredible machines, as well as interviews with key figures in the industry.



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