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Thermal Imaging for Buildings Course

Thermal Imaging for Buildings is the latest short course from the iRed Academy.

We’re excited to announce that our training division, the iRed Academy, has released a new short course for practicing building professionals.

The Thermal Imaging for Buildings course is designed for building surveyors, inspectors and assessors looking to incorporate thermal imaging cameras into their range of services. The 3 day course will teach delegates how to use infrared cameras to detect air leakage, missing insulation and heat loss within domestic properties and commercial buildings.

The course has been specifically created for delegates not requiring an ISO Certified (accredited) thermal imaging qualification.

During the course, delegates will learn a range of topics including the basics of infrared thermography, thermal camera set-up, thermal camera operation, building fabric applications, image tuning and report writing.

Elmhurst Thermography Scheme

The Thermal Imaging for Buildings course is eligible for the upcoming Elmhurst Thermography Scheme.

The course has been launched in conjunction with the upcoming Elmhurst Thermography Scheme, which is scheduled for release mid-September. Delegates attending the course will automatically be eligible to become a scheme member.

Being part of the Elmhurst Thermography Scheme enables delegates to demonstrate the highest level of credibility within industry.

Scheme members will be subject to annual competency assessments by third-party auditors, ensuring the scheme provides professional assurance for those looking to hire thermographers for thermal imaging building surveys.

The first Thermal Imaging for Buildings course is scheduled for the 9th – 11th October 2018 in our state-of-the-art training facility in Emsworth, Hampshire. For those residing in the North of England, a second course is set to be delivered at the Elmhurst training facility in Leicestershire on the 27 – 29th November 2018.



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