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iRed joins COMIT2Drones community

iRed, a business at the forefront of drone technology, is excited to be joining the COMIT2Drones community.

COMIT2Drones is a specialist group focusing on drones within the construction industry. COMIT (Construction, Operation & Maintenance through Innovative Technology) first began in 2003, originally as a two-year research and development project. Now, the group helps to promote the use of mobile technology within industry.

COMIT is a cooperative environment that enables companies to learn from one another. It aims to improve understanding between the construction and technology industries. The group is also developing better ways of using mobile IT within construction.

One element included within COMIT’s growing community is drone technology. The group COMIT2DRONES is dedicated entirely to drone technology – including both the opportunities and challenges of operating within the construction environment.

Jack Bloomfield, iRed’s marketing manager, said: “We’re thrilled to be a part of the COMIT2Drones community, which has now become one of the fastest growing drone specialist groups in the UK”.

“The group provides a great opportunity to learn from other members, which is crucial for pushing the boundaries of how we use drone technology within industry.”

“Working alongside over 40 member companies, we’re looking forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with both new and existing members – along with the techniques and practices we use to overcome real-world issues.”

“Looking ahead to the future, iRed is also hoping to collaborate directly with members to create and develop new drone solutions for the construction environment, with the ultimate aim of advancing the safe and legal use of drones in the UK.”

COMIT2Drones organises its own events to share information and understanding between members. Alongside this, the group also helps to develop specific working practices. This enables members to better coordinate with each other.

The COMIT2Drones community is an incredibly useful source of both knowledge and experience, and iRed is excited to be a part of its future.



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