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multispectral drone course lantra approved

Multispectral drone course Lantra approved

The iRed Academy, iRed’s training division, is proud to have been named as an Approved Lantra Provider for its new Multispectral for Drone Operators course.

Approved Lantra Provider

Lantra are a leading awarding body focused on land-based and environmental industries. With over 40 years of experience in the sector, Lantra provides training and qualifications in a wide range of areas. From machinery to animals, Lantra use industry experts to help develop their courses, guaranteeing high quality instruction.

For this reason, iRed are excited to be working in partnership with Lantra, and proud to have their latest drone course approved by an industry-leader.

Multispectral for Drone Operators

Using multispectral cameras on drones enables pilots to collect valuable agricultural data. This new 3-day course teaches the basics of drone multispectral imaging for precision agriculture. Students will learn how to create reflectance maps, index maps (NDVI, NDRE), and high-resolution orthomosaics. These are vital skills for professional agricultural analysis and reporting.

The Multispectral for Drone Operators course is ideal for those looking to conduct agricultural inspections. By capturing and converting drone images, students will be able to create precise maps, determine crop health, and identify both yield estimations and pest infested areas. The course also covers light levels, overlapping flights and processing formulas – all key factors in agricultural surveys.

Core Modules Include:

  • Basics of Multispectral imaging
  • Camera set-up, Operation and Integration
  • Autonomous Flight Planning
  • Image Processing and Analysis

The iRed Academy

iRed is the UK’s leading provider of remote sensing courses, tailored for commercial inspections. Since 2002, iRed has been delivering innovative training for thermal imaging, multispectral, photogrammetry and drone deployment technologies.

Industry experts deliver iRed’s specialist courses, which aim to meet current and emerging commercial needs. In addition, their team work closely with several leading academic institutions to pioneer new inspection techniques.

To book your place on the next multispectral course, visit: https://ired.ac.uk/courses/multispectral-for-drone-operators/



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