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iRed Venturefest 2019 South

iRed Venturefest 2019 South

Since its formation in 2002, iRed has been one of the leading pioneers in infrared technology.

Ray Faulkner, who continues to head the business based in Emsworth, near Portsmouth, Hampshire, has always looked for the next area of opportunity.

This hunger for progress has been responsible for the company diversifying into a number of new sectors.

One example is how iRed has led the way in combining infrared cameras with drones.

Its bespoke packages are in use across the country by the emergency services’ search and rescue teams.

There are plenty of other applications for this combination – such as flying over solar farms to identify quickly which panels are faulty.

The company also runs an accredited training centre that teaches people from an eclectic mix of industries how to use infrared cameras – and to interpret the data.

It also trains people how to fly drones safely and in line with CAA rules and guidance.

Furthermore, iRed specialises in non-contact measurement, using thermal imaging, multispectral imaging, photogrammetry and other drone deployment technologies.

Photogrammetry allied with drones has multiple uses, including the creation of land registry maps, accurately measuring buildings, monitoring rock and ground formations and field boundaries, and the monitoring of site stock.

Multispectral imaging is one of the most effective tools for undertaking precision agriculture to enable the inspection of crops and their health, water density, diseased areas and root structure.

Ray said: “The construction and electronics industries are where infrared technology has been used for many years.

“But pushing the boundaries is what drives us and is why we have a young team who help identify the next areas we can expand into.

“Recently, for example, we have begun training people in ‘equine thermography’ – using infrared cameras to identify injuries in horses. The applications are endless.

“We are attending Venturefest to showcase our products, services and solutions and to meet like-minded businesses and future partners, investors and collaborators.”

Venturefest South 2019 is scheduled to take place on Friday 29th March 2019 in Botley Rd, West End, Southampton, SO30 3XH.



Founded in 2002, iRed® have helped thousands of businesses access the benefits of emerging technologies, providing cheaper, faster and safer inspection methods for a wide range of industries.