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Roof Survey Overview

No more scaffolding, cherry pickers or rope access

Say goodbye to expensive roof inspections. Using our specialist drones, we capture high-resolution aerial photos, video and thermal – helping out customers achieve faster, cheaper, and safer roof inspections.

Wether you’re buying a new building, looking to retrofit an existing property, or simply undertaking scheduled maintenance – our award winning team of qualified drone pilots are here to help.

iRed Roof Survey

102ft Mast

For congested areas, we have an 102ft pneumatic mast for full aerial coverage nationwide

20x Cheaper

On average, our drone surveys are 20x cheaper than traditional roof surveying techniques


We’ve been awarded a 10m Operating Safety Case from the CAA, meaning we can fly where other pilots can’t

 “iRed have proved themselves to be very flexible in fitting in with our policies and procedures, the engineers have been very efficient and I have been impressed with the final presentation of the results.”

Paul Harding, NHS

“iRed’s professionalism is apparent in both their approach to the client on site and to the report production aspect which is delivered in an easy to understand and visually pleasing format.”

“As a business, iRed have proved their worth time and time again. The professionalism of the office staff, united with engineer know-how of thermographic engineers is a formidable team.”

Trevor May, EMCOR

What we find

Avoid unexpected repair and maintenance costs

Using the latest high-resolution sensors, our CAA approved drone team will start collecting both visual and thermal data as soon as they arrive on-site. During a survey, they’ll be inspecting a range of aspects, including: roof coverings, flashing, chimneys, drainage, guttering, skylights, and fascias.

Condition Monitoring

Broken Tiles

Drone Roof Survey

Blocked Guttering

Thermal Imaging Drone Survey

Water Ingress

Drone Survey RolloverDrone Survey Rollover

Thermal Imaging Included

During your roof survey, our accredited pilots will also capture aerial thermal images to help identify a broader range of defects and issues*

  • Inspect photovoltaic panels for cracks and damage

  • Easily identify pathways of water ingress

*Dependent on suitable environmental conditions

“On average, we find that our drone-based roof inspections are 20 times cheaper than traditional roof surveying techniques – not to mention significantly safer for all involved.”

Marcus Dawe, Operations Director

How it works

Booking your roof survey


Step One


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Step Two

Arrange Your Survey

We’ll send a two-man drone team to setup on-site and start capturing data, keeping you updated along the way

Step Three

Your Digital Report

Once completed, our reporting team will deliver your in-depth digital report straight to your inbox within 3-5 working days

*During normal office hours (Mon to Fri, 9am to 5pm)

What’s included?

  • Experienced and qualified surveyors

  • Comprehensive reports with retrofit prioritisation

  • Easy-to-understand RAG rating system for defects

  • £5m Public, Professional & Drone Insurances

  • Free aftercare, troubleshooting and advice

  • Technical insight for tender publication

Why Choose Us

We stand by our work as the best in industry

Since 2002, our award-winning team have surveyed over half a million homes and buildings across the UK. Using innovative technologies, we’ve helped thousands of customers and brands check, maintain and improve their assets – creating maximum impact for minimal spend.

As the UK’s largest independent drone team, we’re proud to be trusted by roofers, homebuilders, facility managers and building surveyors nationwide.

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Roof Survey FAQs

A roof survey is…

Drones are starting to replace conventional methods of surveying, whilst drastically reducing the risk of working at height. The faster inspection times are helping to create cost savings for customers, whilst creating more detailed surveying results with high-resolution equipment.

From greater coverage too minimal operational down time, the benefits of drones are proving key for the next generation of work.